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February 15, 2019

The friendliness of this center is unbelievable! Everyone goes out of their way to make sure the patient is comfortable and satisfied with their care. They think of everything and I looked forward to my time in PT!

-Karen M.

October 23, 2018

I tried traditional medicine for 6 months without getting any relief from my pain. In fact it slowly got worse. I finally got a referral for to try physical therapy and I’m so glad that I chose Burkhardt’s. Through many of their techniques I found relief and learned how to maintain it. Thank you so much!

-Jan C.

October 6th, 2018
So impressed with Sean’s ability to educate me on my condition. So patient and understanding! Megan and Holly were also very helpful to me. I truly felt cared for by the team working with me.

-Anne H.

February 29th, 2016

I started treatment with Ann and Holly in early January after experiencing a calf muscle tear shortly after Christmas. I was on a very tight timeline, because I was already entered in the AKC Dog Agility Nationals in mid-March. I really appreciate how they took an active interest in the physical demands that my hobby places on my body. In addition to working through the muscle injury, they also gave me a number of exercises and stretches that would improve my overall performance and avoid injury in the future. I used a different physical therapy facility for a previous injury and hands down I prefer the staff and techniques used at Burkhardt Physical Therapy Center. While I hope I do not need their services in the future for injury rehab, I would not hesitate to return and recommend this business to all of my friends.-Karissa Solberg

I have been seen @ Burkhardt PT Center for various issues since 08/2013. Most recent treatments began with pain management due to a fall on the ice in 02/2014. Strain / Counter Strain is a fantastic! I was finally diagnosed with a torn rota-tor cuff which resulted in repair surgery. Physician told me that I would be limited for a year or more. I attribute my fast recovery and mobility to the fantastic staff at Burkhardt’s. After 4 months of treatment, I am now about ready to resume my normal activities in my daily life. I STRONGLY recommend this facility of very caring and capable professionals for your therapy needs. 

– Cynthia Isensee

Megan Breier at Burkhardt Physical Therapy is my first choice when I need a massage. I used to go to some of the local salon/spas when I would get a gift card for Birthdays/Mother’s Day but, after going to Burkhardt I will never go back to a chain spa again. She does a great job and has the skills and knowledge to take care of your trouble spots and shares tips to help you avoid future problems. Highly recommended!! 

– Heidi Eide

Burkhart Physical Therapy Clinic:
When i first came to Burkhart Clinic, I was convinced that my quality of life was always going to be poor. The pain was so terrible i could not sleep in my bed and could not stand for more than a few seconds. I spent many nights sleeping in a recliner.After much dedicated and hard work by Myra and her staff, I can stand longer with the help of a cane, and even walk short distances. Sleeping in my bed is a wonderful thing again!

Thank you again for your dedicated work on me at your clinic. Myra, you’re the best! The treatment you get at Burkhart Clinic is far above the norm and had given me a better quality of life.

Kathryn Wurtzel

Dear Dr. Krister,
I want to thank you again for providing a physical therapy referral to Myra Burkhardt, PT in West Salem. I have seen her on and off throughout the years for my chronic neck and shoulder pain. This last bout of treatments have been especially helpful and I thought you may want to know that she is doing something new. She calls it strain counterstrain for the lymphatic system and visceral fascia. She was able to locate tender points in my ribs and abdominal area which decreased tightness in my shoulder blade area and neck. It was just amazing how much better I felt. It finally released that deep tightness the i have been having. She is planning to teach me some of the techniques so I can treat myself at home.I would highly recommend sending more of your patients to Myra Burkhardt for physical therapy treatments using this new strain counterstrain technique, because the results are much better than traditional stretching and exercises. I feel like I can get back to enjoying life and not having to worry so much about pain and tightness throughout my neck and shoulders and it only took 4 visits to get me back to normal.

Thank you so much for being a valuable part of my health care team! I appreciate all that you do!


Just to let you know. Have been busy doing some packing and trying to be very careful not to do too much at any one time. Last Monday i was cleaning out my dresser (which took a couple of hours.). Lots to go through and lots to toss. Anyway I did lie down for about an hour and then finished the job. Didn’t do anything else that day.

Tuesday and Wednesday my back was awful. Just kept working on the exercises you had showed me. I’ve been getting warnings (really bad warnings) ever since but, today (Wed, February 28th) I feel great. Last night I worked hard and long on doing the pressure points, and back extensions. I never really seem to get the pressure points to pulsate for me but i must be doing something right, as today I am feeling great. Not one warning. I think the exercise laying on your side and allowing the leg to fall over the side of the bed, for 10 seconds then lifting for 10 seconds with a counter strain of drawer handle, really DOES work. When having a really bad day I do that one several times a day.  I do do the prayer one from time to time and Gene and I try to get out and walk at least 3 times a week but i just wanted you to know that i think the S.C. Jones technique works. I am fortunate to have found you. Keep up the good work. We (your patients) do appreciate what you do. 

Kay Schwarze

Dear Dr. Binegar,
Thank you so much for referring me to Burkhardt Physical Therapy for help for my pain. I was certainly losing faith in the fact that there was any help for my condition! I was afraid my music career was over as well and was very distraught at that thought.
My first session with Myra gave me hope that she could help me! I felt that she was the only one who really understood and believed me when I explained the problem I was having over the past 6 months. She helped me to understand what was going on with my body and how her techniques would put me back in a positive direction.

Every session was an eye opener for me and Myra was so good at answering my many questions in such a way that I could understand them and once my condition started improving, gave me the tools to help manage my condition as it would reoccur. I had never heard  of strain counterstrain method of physical therapy and, because I have been through several different types of other therapies, was skeptical, but after only one session, I was finding welcome relief from my chronic pain. The introduction to Kenisio tape was a real asset to the therapy as well, as it took care of things in between sessions, so I could start to live my life again. Now, I can use it when needed to help when i overdo something and I can’t seem to manage the pain myself.

I now feel in control of my pain, instead of my pain being in control of me! When i feel my condition changing, between the methods that Myra taught me and the use of the Kensio tape, I can do all the things I have always done and more!

I can’t express the respect and confidence I have in Myra. I’ve mentioned her to several of my friends who experience chronic pain, especially in the music field in hopes that they too can benefit from her expertise. As a musician of 50+ years, I thought my career was at an end, and Myra has helped me to conitue to do what i love to do and i can’t thank her OR you for your referral enough!

Joni Welda

Dear Doctor Harbst,
I am writing this letter on behalf of Myra Burkhardt and as a thank you. You had referred me to her after my surgery and accident when my daughter and I were rear ended by a semi in 2007. I have been to other therapists, some of which made it worse.Myra was tentative and understanding, and quite an answer to my prayers. She knew what to do as far as treatment for my neck, shoulder, arm and back pain. I would come from my appointments with her feeling so much better.

My only problem is that i moved to Minnesota and have had to discontinue her services, which i greatly miss. Again, thank you for the referral

Faye Woodard

Dear Myra,
A belated thank you for giving me my arm back. You truly are a gift to the world of physical therapy. When you know that you are a PT to some other high achieving PT’s, then you know you are destined for the sky.Ok, in other words, my arm hurt alot, even after surgery, and you helped me 1) fix it and 2) learn to live with it/prevent it. Yahoo!

Sincerely and with most humble gratitude,
Lynn Wolter